Do you have a question about the competitions?

What happens if my entry gets damaged in route to the competition?

Judges suggest taking pictures of your completed piece before traveling in case of accidents. Judges will use the picture at their discretion when evaluating your entry.

What are some things judges look for in a competition piece?

Are your boards covered? Is there any cake, dummy, wires etc unintentionally exposed? How many techniques have you used? (Then use even more!) Is your design cohesive? Does it meet the rules or requirements? Overall appearance?

What if I do not make it in time to bring my piece to the competition?

All entries must be checked in by 6:30pm on October 11th, 2019, no one will be permitted to check in after that. Make arrangements with friends and family to help you if you do not think you will make it in time.

When do I get my $20 gift certificate to Shore Cake Supply?

Upon check-in with your show piece, participants will receive the $20 gift certificate. If you registered but do not enter a piece, no gift certificate will be issued.

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